Our Work As Your Advocate

The Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce works with local, state, and federal decision-makers to enact policies that support economic prosperity and growth.  

Advocacy does not start in session – it starts with your input, expertise, and objectives. We work through existing relationships with legislators and with our lobbying team in Concord to effectively champion the best interests of the Greater Nashua business community. 

Our committee identifies key legislative initiatives and those brought forth by Chamber members, and determines the Chamber’s involvement and strategy in responding to current government affairs. We embrace non-partisan, pro-business advocacy, and welcome all perspectives with the goal of developing a comprehensive vision that will best serve the most people and organizations.  

As we look at legislation and determine the Chamber’s positions, we keep a few basic tenets in mind:

  • Is the proposed legislation project-specific or is it aimed at improving overall public policy in New Hampshire?
  • Will it help to lower business costs or act as downward pressure on rising business costs, or will it likely raise business costs?
  • Is it preempted by Federal Law?
  • And finally, what impact will the legislation have on the job market? Will it create or inhibit job growth? Will it be an incentive for businesses to come here and to expand here? How will it impact employee recruitment and retention?

We look at the collective impact of all of the legislative policy being created for the overarching impact – Is what’s being considered in one area counter to what’s being considered elsewhere?

Through past work, among a myriad of other things, we have been successful defeating a proposed LLC tax, working towards Medicaid Expansion, and defeating a proposed phone system requirement that would have cost businesses $6-$10 per line.  

Add your voice to Greater Nashua’s strategic planning for a strong business community as a member of our volunteer Advocacy Committee!

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