The Greater Nashua Young Professionals Group engages Young Professionals seeking to develop their professional and social networks
throughout the greater Nashua community and beyond. We develop events and activities designed to
promote professional, social, and community connections while developing as Young Professionals.

We showcase how the Greater Nashua community is an amazing place for
engagement, education, and empowerment as Young Professionals. Through these efforts, we hope to attract Young Professionals
to the greater Nashua area and retain those Young Professionals already in the Greater Nashua area, all while
providing a fun, educational, and diverse line-up of activities.

Mission Statement

The Greater Nashua Young Professionals Group’s mission is to connect young professionals with each other, the community, professional opportunities, and civic engagement opportunities in the Greater Nashua Community.

Upcoming Events

The Committee

Samantha Bailen

Crispin's House Coalition for Youth

Julia Masson

Bellwether Credit Union

Ashley Theobald

Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce

Dina Akel

Vieira Luxe

Rushi Purohit

MITRE Corporation

Leidy Baxley

Greater Nashua Mental Health

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