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LGN Class 2023-24: Government & Politics By Brian Winslow and Stephanie Kane

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Brian Winslow

St. Joseph Hospital

Stephanie Kane

Kane Realty Group/KW Realty

What an incredible morning we had touring our Beautiful State Capital with the Leadership of Greater Nashua Class of 2024. Born and raised in Nashua, I had the privilege of touring the Capital twice, once in 4th grade and once in High School. Of course, as a young person you are more impressed with the Hall of Flags and the large paintings of Senators, Congressmen and Governors in the hallways. As an adult, you really appreciate the beauty and history of the building as well as all the incredible people who dedicate their time and passion to protect the rights of NH citizens and make NH a wonderful place to live.

Our day started by meeting in the Historic Hall of Flags where we were welcomed by the Director of the State House Visitor Center, Virginia Drew. Virginia is an amazing woman with such passion with how the government works from how Bills are presented and brought to the floor of the House of Represented, public meeting to discuss them, and how they are brought to the Senate and eventually the Governor to become a law. Her wealth and knowledge were inspiring as she introduced us to different Senators, Representatives, and shared a lot of stories with us about the process, people, and building. She also showed us the Visitor Center where every person who wants to run for President comes to sign up to be on the ballot for the First in the Nation Primary vote. The display and photos are amazing, and it gives you a chill thinking about all the past presidents that have been in that room.

During our tour we had the privilege of sitting in the Senate Chamber at the 24 seats of the Senate. Senator Cindy Rosenwald , State of NH SD-12, Nashua Wards 3-4,6-9 spoke to us about important Committees and Fiscal policies she is working on.  From there we went to sit in the House of Representatives where we met State Representative Laura Telerski, Nashua Ward 8. She explained the process of voting on different bills and the responsibility of the NH State Representatives. A little fun fact, did you know there are 400 seats in the NH House of Representatives. Each seat is from 1958 and has a box with 3 buttons on it. Each labeled “Yes”, “No”, and the Number of their seat. This is how they vote to pass or fail bills. Everyone who is present in the room that day is required to vote.  The seats in the public viewing section are from the early 1900’s. Also, the room was expanded and renovated in 1863-1865 during the Civil War. Many men would come back from battle to help with some of the renovations and then would return to the war. It really amazed me the dedication and passion for the process each member of the House has to our State. They do not do it for the money since they only make $100 per year and give up countless hours to work on committees, develop bills brought to them by the people, and develop and pass bills to become laws to protect the people of NH.   Then we went to the Executive Council Chambers where the Governor meets with the Executive council. We had the honor to meet Senator Kevin Avard, State of NH SD-12, Nashua Wards 1,2,5 and Orville B. “Bud” Fitch II, General Counsel, Assistant NH Secretary of State. Mr. Fitch talked about the Election Process and the importance of being First in the Nation for the Primary.


Stephanie Kane

Kane Realty Group/KW Realty

After a busy morning at the State House, the LGN Class of 2024 visited Nashua City Hall. Administrative Services Director Tim Cummings met with us to discuss the different government structures and how city government works in Nashua. Tim has been with the City of Nashua since 2016, first as Director of Economic Development and then as Administrative Services Director. Tim’s experience working with different forms of government at all levels made this discussion very informative.

Next, we were able to meet with former State Representative and former Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau, CEO of Southern NH Services, where she discussed her political career and its many challenges. Including her experiences being elected as a State Representative at the age of 24, serving eight terms representing Nashua’s Ward 5, and then in 2007 being elected as the 55th Mayor of Nashua, serving for eight years before deciding not to run for re-election. Donna’s insights were as entertaining as they were informative. Lastly, at City Hall, we enjoyed talking with Peggy Gilmour from Preti Strategies- Former State Senator and lobbyist. We heard about her career as a former senator and her current job as a lobbyist.

We ended our day off at Jajabelles, listening to political strategist Andy Leach and enjoying snacks and beverages. We learned about all the campaigns he has worked on and heard some of the more interesting stories he had to tell. The common theme throughout the day was clearly, if you are interested, get involved in public service. Change happens best from the inside.


Brian Winslow

St.Joseph Hospital

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