LGN Class of 2023 – LGN Retreat

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Can 23 strangers standing on an 8’ x 10’ tarp flip it over without setting foot on the ground?

That was just one of the many questions asked and answered by Leadership Greater Nashua’s Class of 2023 during the group’s two-day kickoff retreat this month at the Barbara C. Harris Center in Greenfield.

The retreat brought together a group of diverse Greater Nashua business leaders to meet, bond, and explore our own leadership styles. It also laid the groundwork for the next 9 months, during which we’ll explore the many facets of life in Greater Nashua together.

From those first, awkward ice-breaker games led by leadership coaches Whit Mitchell and John Kerrick to a relaxed evening chatting around the campfire, the first day was a masterclass in building a team from scratch—and quickly!

During an afternoon exploring our own leadership styles, Whit and John led activities that helped us not only better understand ourselves, but also provided insight in better communicate with our colleagues, friends and families. An evening panel with LGN alum Mike Aquino of Broad Street Planning, Kristin Mendoza of Abridge Lay, Maryse Wirbal of The Front Door, Lynne Boyer of the YMCA of Greater Nashua, and Doug Barry of Humane Society of Greater Nashua got us thinking about the culminating project we’ll complete during the next 9 months to benefit the city.

The final day included a thought-provoking Mental Health in Leadership workshop by Dr. Cynthia Whitaker of Greater Nashua Mental Health, and scaling a 20-foot rock wall with Thrive Outdoors.  

By the end, we each gained 22 new friends and together successfully flipped a tarp, while standing on top, without a single toe touching the ground.

Casey Caster

The Youth Council

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